Gyaltsen Earth is a sustainable made-to-order clothing brand founded in 2019 by Ghazal B.
All garments are cut and sewn in Toronto, Canada.


Ghazal taught herself how to sew from the sheer motivation of one day creating the clothes she only dreamed of, but couldn’t afford.

After having briefly studied fashion design and marketing in college, Ghazal started the brand as an ongoing project and extension of her practice, and one to grow and evolve in her future explorations.


To sustainably create unique, long-lasting clothing that is more accessible. 

We believe in a fashion industry that values all people, creativity, the environment and profit in equal measure.

Values/Social Responsibility and Sustainability:

“It isn’t enough just looking for quality in the products we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who make them” - Orsola De Castro

We aim to work in harmony with people and the planet. We intend to keep production local, pay team members fairly and ensure their working conditions are comfortable.

We try to use majority biodegradable, natural fiber or deadstock fabrics for our collections. Currently, 90% of our garments listed are.

Quality and Innovation:

Gyaltsen hopes to consistently innovate with design creativity, construction and quality of the clothes, waste reduction, and ethical business management. All while keeping selling price points as accessible as possible. 

Customer Satisfaction:

We are absolutely dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences. We respond to emails and messages as soon as we can, and hope to grow our team as the brand grows.

We want to be inclusive, so we add customizable size and length options to our clothes to cater to all shapes and sizes.


Our Team:

Our team is currently comprised of;

Ghazal, founder and designer.

Our small team of seamstresses based in Toronto and Quebec, who work from the comfort of their own homes.

Dom, our trusted assistant.


Join Us:

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Contact Us:

For inquiries email us at info@gyaltsen.earth